giulia deval

Singer and sound artist working across experimental music and  contemporary art.
I work as a sound artist and researcher on voice, intended both as an abstract matter, with its functionality and specificity sung and spoken, and as a narrative medium for mythopoeic speculations.  Read more ︎

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PHONOTRANSPARENCE an attempt to vanish
_ sound dress _

       A billion years have gone into the making of that eye; the water and the salt and the vapors of the sun have built it; things that squirmed in the tide silts have devised it. Light-year beyond light-year, deep beyond deep, the mind may rove by means of it, hanging above the bottomless and surveying impartially the state of matter in the white-dwarf suns.

    Phonotrasparence is a performance / sound dress that reflects on the body as a deposit and transmitter of sounds, involuntary reservoir and intersection of trajectories determined by a rest or a walk. The work was born during the first phase of the European project ITERATIONS held in (Giampilieri) Sicily with the collaboration of Caterina Ines D’Arrigo, tailor of the village.

    The dress evolved over time starting from the concept of “phonotransparency”, the ability of the acoustic fabric to absorb and be crossed by sound.

    It has been presented at BOZAR (Bruxelles) and Steentjeskerk Church (Eindhoven).