giulia deval

Singer and sound artist working across experimental music and  contemporary art.
I work as a sound artist and researcher on voice, intended both as an abstract matter, with its functionality and specificity sung and spoken, and as a narrative medium for mythopoeic speculations.  Read more ︎

  Reverse Anthropology
  The Wanderers
  Before The Catastrophe
  Nino Gvilia 

   The frequency code


    Attempt to Rise︎︎︎ 
La festa dei fiori︎︎︎ 

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an expanding archive of transhuman dubbing

giulia deval & andrea marazzi

Process: generative feedback algorithms and sequencers whose behaviour is influenced by the analysis of the character’s voice from the video interview

        We are facing the re-foundation of anthropology by some contemporary authors. This re-foundation is actually a revolution that starts from an anti-narcissistic impulse able to undermine the authority of the analyzing subject - the philosopher, the anthropologist - on the analyzed object.

        “Reverse anthropology” is the name given by Roy Wagner (1938-2018) to this reversal in which the object of the investigation, often identified as “the other”, turns out to be a valuable source of conceptualizations essential to its understanding.

        Our project starts from this questions:
How do you create a natural cultural language closer to husmusities than to humanities?
How do you use dubbing as a practice of fictiocriticism?
How do you go back from the creators of knowledge to the non-human elements that made up their thought and speech?

        Through dubbing we take an inverse trajectory: from the creators of knowledge (anthropologists, writers, musicians and other human knowledge creators) to the non-human elements at the center of their investigations.

URSULA K. LE GUIN _ voice of Jane Paik

        The project started during a digital residency at WpZimmer (Antwerp) and was presented, in the form of an audiovisual installation, at the Ladispolaneamente festival (Rome) and the Italo Tajo exhibition hall in Pinerolo, as part of The Listeners, supported by City of Turin, Ministry of Culture, Fondazione CRT and Konstnärsnämnden / The Swedish Arts Grants Committee.