giulia deval

Singer and sound artist working across experimental music and  contemporary art.
I work as a sound artist and researcher on voice, intended both as an abstract matter, with its functionality and specificity sung and spoken, and as a narrative medium for mythopoeic speculations.  Read more ︎

  Reverse Anthropology
  The Wanderers
  Before The Catastrophe
  Nino Gvilia 

   The frequency code


    Attempt to Rise︎︎︎ 
La festa dei fiori︎︎︎ 

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THE WANDERERS sea water, living plankton, human voices


            Plankton is the ecological category that includes the complex of floating aquatic organisms - both animal and plant - transported by currents and wave motion across the oceaN. The individual organisms constituting “plankton” (“the wanderer”) are called “plankters” (“the wanderers”). 

            Giulia Deval writes a narrative from the perspective of the plankton, in a transhumanist vision. The whole group of resident artists becomes the collective voice of plankton, through a choral reading recorded under the dome of Steentjeskerk (Eindhoven, NL). Inextricably entangled with geopolitical and environmental phenomena, aquatic life, and in particular the wandering life of the collective entity of plankton, becomes the pretext for a reflection on the present and for a poetic sound wandering.

3rd edition of Majhi Art Internation Residency by Durjoy Bangladesh Foundation, curated by Kehkasha Sabah _ Steentjeskerk, Eindhoven (NL) Participating artists for the 2021Majhi Eindhoven edition are Giulia Deval (Italy), Joydeb Roaja (Bangladesh), Non-Native Native (Netherlands), Moch Hasrul (Indonesia), Pier Alfeo (Italy), Satch Hoyt (Jamaica/UK), Shorab Jahan (Bangladesh), Sounak Das (Netherlands/Bangladesh), Yu Zhang (Netherlands/China), Zihan Karim (Bangladesh), Jog Arts Space (Bangladesh). Event Director: Eeshita Azad.

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