giulia deval

Singer and sound artist working across experimental music and  contemporary art.
I work as a sound artist and researcher on voice, intended both as an abstract matter, with its functionality and specificity sung and spoken, and as a narrative medium for mythopoeic speculations.  Read more ︎

  Reverse Anthropology
  The Wanderers
  Before The Catastrophe
  Nino Gvilia 

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Nino Gvilia

Born in Poti, near Lake Paliastomi in Georgia, Nino Gvilia is a singer-songwriter whose lyrics range between ecology and politics, bodies and love.

Her songs, influenced by folk and minimalism, with use of magnetic tapes and field recordings have appeared in movies such as Martin J. Keats’ Eschatology and have graced stages in Europe and the US.

Nino Gvilia collaborates steadily with Zevi Bordovach (synth / keyboards) and Pietro Caramelli (electric guitar / vocals) with whom she is about to release her first album manifesto, NICOLE.

But Nino Gvilia does not exist.

Nino Gvilia is a fictional character on whom young filmmaker Edmund LaVache is making the mockumentary “Songwriting in times of a global crisis”. Nino Gvilia responds to interviews, composes and performs in public in situations somewhere between concert and talk.


nino gvilia / vocals, toy guitar, harmonium
zevi bordovach / synth, hammond, harmonium
pietro caramelli / electric guitar, vocals
giulia pecora / violin
clarissa marino / cello
erika sofia sollo, giulia beccaria, amos cappuccio,
matteo martino, zevi bordovach, pietro caramelli / choir

NICOLE is intimately dedicated to Jim O'Rourke

Instagram: nino_gvilia


Nino Gvilia’s Interview + concert

in the framework of Imaginary World Wide Web Exhibition project conceived by the Collective Endless House between Turin (Unione Culturale Franco Antonicelli), Brussels (Hectolitre) and Barcelona (Convent) which reflected in a physical and metaphorical sense on the change of spaces through the simultaneity of performative actions connected through live streaming.